How can you win back legal custody of your children?

27 February 2017
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Losing child custody is a frustrating experience for any parent. However, all is not lost given that there are a number of steps you can adopt to overturn the court's decision and regain custody of your kids or at least increased visitation time. You need to prove to the court that you are now a responsible parent and that your home is now a better place for your kids before you can request a reversal of the initial custody order that was given. The following are some helpful tips to get you started.

Appraise your situation

To begin with, look at what went wrong initially and why the court ruled the way it did. Did you test positive in an alcohol or drug test? Did you contravene any court rulings? By understanding the reasons why you lost the custody battle in the first place, it will help you make significant corrective measures henceforth. An experienced solicitor will be able to help you understand why you got an unfavourable court decision in the first place.

Meet conditions

With the help of your lawyer, read the court order to determine whether a return of child custody to you is based upon any act on your part. For example, were you asked to attend parenting class sessions, counselling programs, undergo drug rehabilitation or repair any safety obstacles in your home? In case the court instructed such conditions to be fulfilled, make sure that you fulfill them prior to requesting a modification of custody.

Ask for an evaluation

You can hire a child custody psychologist to serve as a professional witness to evaluate the facts of your custody case from your residence to your relations with your kids. A favourable opinion by a respectable expert will be taken seriously by the family court. Your solicitor should help you look for a child custody professional as they know reputable experts who are best suited to your particular case.

Adhere to the current custody order

Don't, under any circumstance, violate anything the court has instructed you to do. Never miss any hearing and always show up during your visitation time. Basically, respect the existing custody order. You don't want to give the court or the current custodian of your children any reason to distrust your suitability as a parent.

In conclusion, your behaviour and actions should support your claim that you're what is best for your kids.