How can you win back legal custody of your children?

27 February 2017
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Losing child custody is a frustrating experience for any parent. However, all is not lost given that there are a number of steps you can adopt to overturn the court's decision and regain custody of your kids or at least increased visitation time. You need to prove to the court that you are now a responsible parent and that your home is now a better place for your kids before you can request a reversal of the initial custody order that was given. Read More 

Elements of a valid will

13 January 2017
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If you don't want your estate to be distributed as per the rule of intestate succession, then you need to draft a will. The final result of estate succession doesn't always match the wishes of the testator. In contrast, a will affords you the chance to organise your estate as you deem fit subject to legal regulations. However, a drafted will is only effective if it satisfies certain conditions. To make sure the testator's last wishes are fully implemented and disagreements avoided, it's important to be cognisant of likely sources of errors in regards to wills. Read More