Guidelines to Help You Win a Visitation or Custody Case in Court

22 October 2019
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Is your first visitation or custody hearing day drawing nearer and are you are getting scared? The key to having a successful hearing is to prepare adequately. With a little planning, your presentation will convince the court that you deserve to gain the custody or get visitation rights if your ex was against it. Here are some key tips you should keep in mind.

Work with a family lawyer

Before you wage a custody war, you need to get all the expert help you require. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a family law expert. Family lawyers are professionals who can help you win the custody case no matter how complicated it might be. However, choosing to handle things on your own will be a mistake, particularly if the stakes are high.

A lawyer increases your chances of winning because they understand family law and have some unique tricks they can use to convince the court that you deserve a win. First, the lawyer will study your case and ask some questions to understand everything. Take this opportunity to ask for their honest opinion regarding the case. You need to know your chances of winning the battle when you go to court. If you realise that you cannot win, then do not start the battle. Your family lawyer should guide you accordingly.

Behave appropriately

If you'd like to emerge victorious in a child custody case, you must be well mannered in court. Your family attorney should recommend some courtroom etiquette tips and help you avoid some common pitfalls. For instance, you need to dial down the drama no matter how angry you are. Also, don't make accusatory statements because they might not work in your favour. The last thing you want is to initiate a fight with your ex in the presence of the judge. Your lawyer can help you role play in advance.

Avoid making false claims

Most people think that accusing their spouses falsely will make them look bad and the judge will rule in their favour. However, this one of the primary blunders you shouldn't make. If you accuse your ex falsely and they managed to prove that you lied, your accusations will be used against you. Moreover, the judge will doubt your integrity due to false claims. So, regardless of the situation, do not try to manipulate the court into thinking that you are a better parent by making dishonest accusations.

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